About Us

 Punchline is a design studio based in Munich that specialises on office design. We want to establish Punchline as an exceptional designer brand that manages to reshape our customers’ everyday lives. For this we have chosen to focus on developing efficient and unique products with the best and most durable materials. All with the aim of giving our customers the experience of redefining beauty in everyday tools.

Maximilian Kreuz

Head of Product


Mihyar Ouni

Head of Marketing

From a university project to a product in the market.

The story of Punchline started in 2020 during a school project in Munich, where Maximilian completed his vocational training as a Product Designer. Since the first prototypes, the punchline was further and further improved, and now the time has come for the final launch.

Be part of our journey

Our design process starts with a blank sheet of paper. We believe that understanding the root purpose of a tool is the key to creating unique interventions that does not only serve the market, but rather create new possibilities for people that use them daily. More products are already in process.

We are more than happy to hear about your ideas and feedback. In case you are intereseted to hear more about our backstory don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also looking forward to working with educational institutions and universities to share our story and give deeper insights into the development process.

We woud like to thank you for your interest,

Maximilian Kreuz and Mihyar Ouni

Let our unique design change the meaning of your workspace.

We wanted to bring everyday paper punch to a whole new level where it’s not only made out of exceptional materials that steals attention, but also adds a texture of grandeur to your desk.

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